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The Root Cause Coalition,
Centennial Media, A+E Networks,
United Hemispheres, Plenty, Inc.,

Sports Illustrated for Kids, New York, Entertainment Weekly, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, 

Money, Entrepreneur, Jane, More,  
Dr. Oz: The Good Life, Popular Mechanics, 

Popular Science, Town & Country, Men’s Fitness, 
Weight Watchers, Star, Fortune Small Business, 
National Enquirer, Country Weekly, Travel Savvy,
Restaurant Business, The Improper Bostonian,
Time Inc. Books, Carol B. Design, Mangusta Productions,
The Associated Press, J. Crew, AT&T, API Soccer, Goodspeed & Associates, Grand Slam Sports,
B & H Photo, The Putty Division, P.E.N.C.I.L., Baumann Resource Group, Topix Media Lab,
Rock & Lulu, Brylane, Lady Parts Justice,
Huntington's Disease Society of America, 

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization,
Good Turns, FCS Foundation, Refine Staging + Design.

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